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Published: 07th January 2010
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Robot grass mowers aren't the devices perhaps you believe they are. The robot grass mowers in the marketplace at present are considerable mowing machines. Not only will they perform an admirable job mowing, They start to keep your grass mowed.

Why You Need a Robot Mower

Do you love the natural world? For those who care at all, you're currently using a mulching garden mower and bagging your lawn clippings. In spite of this, because there isn't enough time to mow, the length of your grass overwhelms the mower. Long clippings as well as large clumps stay on the grass. They begin to go brown and ruin the grass below. Can it be achievable to become enviromentally friendly but still have a very healthy looking grass?

The reply is of course. Electrical robot grass mowers happen to be the solution. Seeing as they uses batteries, there is no fuel, oil or pollution. All of electrical Robotic grass mowers decrease global warming. Are you aware conventional grass mowers and riding garden mowers pollute 10 times over cars?


Robotic lawn mowers sustain a steady grass height by mowing more often. They follow the 1/3 rule of grass mowing. That is, just one third about the height of your grass should be sliced at per mowing. This is often the healthiest technique to mow a grass. Specialists strongly agree the random mowing routine employed by robot grass mowers is the optimum pattern for keeping grass nutrient rich and eliminating irreversible lawn mower tracks.

Quite a few electrical Robotic lawn mowers are usually self- recharging. To be precise, they recharge by themselves inside a charging station which stays outdoors. This small point allows the robot to mow as regularly as it needs to so to keep the garden mowed. The electric batteries carry on for anywhere from 3- 7 hours, dependant upon the type picked. The recharge time may be 2 - 3 hours. However this is ample opportunity for the robot grass mower to mow your grass in a non linear style as well as get all the missed places by itself.

Electric Robotic lawn mowers can mow by themselves with no intervention from anyone, or you may prefer to be present while the robot mows the grass. Robotic grass mowers are usually set- up to mow a single part at a time. In this configuration, you set the robot lawn mower down, click three buttons and off he proceeds to mow the designated area. Next you can despatch it towards the adjacent section for more mowing etc. Setting this method allows one to buy an inexpensive robot for a bigger yard, lowering your card bills.

How Robot Mowers Work

Now that you might be intrigued, you first need to grasp more about the way a Robotic lawn mower works. As stated before, several versions contain a charging station that sits outdoors. The robot features a control panel by which it is possible to set the days and periods the robot can come out to mow. There is a wire which goes completely around the sides of the house and round any flower beds or difficult tree roots. The wire may be staked down(advised) or belowground around five inches. The robot is out as scheduled and returns back to the charging station at any time it has to recharge or if it is scheduled to go back. Many Robotic grass mowers consist of a rainwater sensor which will return the robot back to the charging station for the duration of a rain storm.

Popular Brands

You will find three major brands of robot lawn mowers that have been shipping for quite some time. They are Lawnbott, Robomow and Husqvarna Automower. Lawnbott is manufactured in Italy by Zucchetti. Lawnbott can be purchased with the identity Ambrogio everywhere in The EU. Lawnbott's American importer is Kyodo America or KA for short. The Automower is distributed by Approved Husqvarna traders and is produced in Sweden. Robomow, aka Robomower, created in Israel by Friendly Robotics. Robomower's US importer is Systems Trading Corporation, or STC.

Robomower is Recommended

Lawnbott and Robomower are the principle US customer Robotic grass mower companies. Lawnbott can be purchased by way of a party of licensed sellers(many are on the web) and a few small hardware merchants. Robomower can be purchased through many online stores. The Automower from Husqvarna is principally promoted through agents instead of over the internet and is not available as commercially as Lawnbott or Robomow.

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